Sunday, August 7, 2011

Be An Affiliate - Make Money Online

In this article I will talk about how to be an affiliate and make money online with 3 methods.
First off, e-mail marketing is likely the most lucrative way to make money from affiliate marketing. This entails capturing visitors to your site's e-mail addresses so that you can follow-up with them and send them e-mails in the future. You can create an auto responder series which is a prewritten series of e-mails which every new subscriber receives and through this series you can identify and fix your subscriber's problem. Within that auto responder series you could also offer the solution to that problem in the form of your affiliate link.
So if you had a website about curing acne, obviously having acne would be the problem and focus of your autoresponder and you could promote products within your autoresponder designed to clear your reader's acne while delivering quality information at the same time on the subject. E-mail marketing is a great way to develop a relationship with your subscriber and this significantly increases the chances that they will purchase from you, as well.
Twitter is another great way to make money affiliate marketing. Twitter users was following this in the thousands and beyond are constantly being paid by advertisers to advertise their products to their list. There are lots of great ways to develop your Twitter following which I will cover at the end of this article, but developing a huge Twitter following and being paid to tweet or tweeting out about affiliate offers which you are promoting can turn into a huge payday within the time it takes to write a tweet.
Lastly you can and should write articles on your topic. Article writing on directories like EzineArticles is great because not only do you get link juice and the traffic on the site itself but your articles can be syndicated to other people's blogs which means that they're publishing your article word for word on their sites while keeping your resource box intact so that you get to keep those links in place pointing back to your site.
Depending on who syndicates your content, you can see serious floods of traffic coming in overnight assuming you're a good writer and are creating unique and interesting content within your field. I've seen thousands of views come in on some of my articles here within a few days because just the right webmasters syndicated my work, putting it in front of a brand new audience and bringing with it a flood of traffic which resulted in a lot of conversions/sales.