Sunday, August 7, 2011

Helping People Make Money Online

There is so much hype on the internet about helping people make money online. And most of it is just junk.
Every Tom, Dick, and Mary who managed to get a website can allege to be an expert in this niche. They want to sell you their products, recycled e-books, and services to make you rich overnight. It's the stuff internet gurus are made of. Anybody can be anything on the internet.
It casts a shadow on those who really are sincere about teaching internet marketing skills and helping people market on the internet. That's why it is so important to actually be what you claim to be. You can't fake this stuff. It is not "rocket science" but it is not so easy either.
Helping People Make Money Online Is Not Easy
There is so much to learn. Many people don't have the capacity or the patience to learn website administration, search engine optimization, traffic strategies, copy writing, marketing, etc. But the lure of an easy internet business, making a fast buck with an easy life-style, attracts thousands every day.
Unfortunately, many people buy into it, spend money, get frustrated, and just quit without ever earning a dime. And since there are only a few truly good support systems assisting people to learn internet marketing skills and helping people make money online, these dejected souls then call all internet marketers "a scam".
The good news is there are those who can help you, but they are not easily found. There is just too much ambient noise in this arena.
The Basics of Helping People Make Money Online
The fundamentals are straightforward and cannot be associated with the normal online hype. Helping others involves cutting through all the junk that lures people into thinking it is easy.
1. The key centers around teaching. Remember...there is so much to learn. Learning skills cannot be subordinated. The same is true for teaching.
2. Being honest is necessary. Developing a trust with the student is only possible when honesty prevails. Do not try to sell the student something they don't need or cannot comprehend yet.
3. Being available. Telling a student to go to a web page or e-book is not enough. You must be accessible by email, Skype and the phone. It is a lonely, vicious world and providing encouragement is very powerful.
Developing a rapport with the student and being available for questions is a solid means to a relationship in helping people make money online. Helping people means helping people. You must be what you profess to be and actually do some virtual hand holding. Their first sale will validate all the hard work.

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